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I want to undergo For yoga classes. Soul thus does not eat, does want home, clothes etc. But it is not enough because it must be learnt personally. In addition please awake early in the morning for morning walk, do light exercises and learn yoga asan, pranayam and meditation. How do we know when our karmas are totally fulfilled, and we are not born again and again. Swamiji thankyou for reply of my question, my another question is that moksha is the ultimate goal of the life, but how can we know that particular person have achieved moksha because after death nobody come and tell that he got the moksha.

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Yet yoga practice give always peace Gujarath Girls Sex Pictures long happy life while discharging our duties with family and Nation. Our forefathers Rishis have also told this fact and stressed that whenever you try to say about good deeds, progress of science, duties or worship etc. How to neutralize the astral voices? The jhooth false-illusion is that which has no existence or illusion can be considered that it is not eternal it was born or made up and after sometime destroyed like trees, our body etc.

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