Oral Sex For Her Positions

Uploaded: 17.03.2010
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Queening is truly an empowering experience, so if you're ready to claim your erotic power and beauty, assume the throne. This one is pretty much how it sounds: Enjoy the comfort, Riley says. Just about everyone has heard of the g-spot. Each of you can drape one leg over the other's shoulder to create access for oral stimulation. Singer gives the lowdown: Ideal for warming up as well as for bringing her to satisfaction, this position ensures her clitoris gets all the attention it needs.

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Your partner can open her legs to any degree that she likes while still keeping the majority of her legs on the bed. This might be a more comfortable position for her to experiment with deep Oral Sex For Her Positions and controlling her gag reflex. More content from YourTango: While it may take a little more coordination and confidence than other bedroom moves, the effort is usually worth it!

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