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I was educated by a private tutor at home. Note that the word punish rather than the hitherto correct had crept in and was now being used by Mottram. I didn't have to be told; I swallowed naturally assuming that was his intention; to spit, rather than swallow, always seems to me to negate the purpose of giving a blow-job! It was unclear what exactly the purpose of this long and pompous monologue was, but it certainly did nothing to allay the fears that the poor fag had for his tender behind. When I say I want to see you at eight, I mean eight and not a quarter past. Dormitory beatings were commonplace; all twelve occupants were made to stand at the bottom of their beds, drop their pyjama trousers, bend across te bed and allow the prefect or master to thrash their naked arses.

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Now let us go through the protocol which will govern your daily duties with me, as a great deal of what you Male Cum Is Arse be required to do will be on a daily basis Male Cum Is Arse will not change. Successive headmasters and boards of governors had systematically seen that the housemasters they appointed toed the Ollerton line of strict discipline and were ardent supporters of the cane and the birch: Ollerton College was a small, but very exclusive public school which had been founded in the reign of George Ma,e by a joint endowment assembled originally from donations of several aristocratic senior British army officers, who wanted to create school to educate their male offspring.

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