Omid Abtahi’s Wiki (aka Salim on ‘American Gods’) Is he gay?


It Took Bryan Richer 14 Years to Obtain a Plainly Gay Personality on television

At Outfest, the gay writer and also producer discussed just how shows like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls had actually been “hetwashed” over the course of his career.

The gay producer disclosed that, till Starz’s American Gods, he had actually not succeeded in putting an out gay personality on tv.

american gods gay character

This is except a lack of attempting. At the Thursday opening of the Outfest Movie Event, where he was being honored with the Outfest Success Honor, Fuller claimed gay personalities on programs he created or cocreated– Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, and Pressing Daisies– had actually been regularly transformed directly by different forces in Hollywood.

” The initial show I developed was called Dead Like Me. And also it had to do with a young woman named George who was dead as well as comes to be a pale horse. As a proud homosexual, I wanted to stand for queer personalities,” Richer told the audience at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. “George’s papa was gay. And as a product of a gay individual that bred regardless of far better instincts, George’s life was a better wonder, and that she shed it so young, an even greater disaster. Mandy Patinkin’s talk would certainly write itself. Other than it didn’t. The studio as well as the showrunner made the personality directly, and I was vulnerable to stop them.”

This trend continued in Fox’s Wonderfalls (2004 ), a series he cocreated with one more gay guy, Todd Holland. In this program, Richer stated he planned for a Republican lesbian character played by Katie Finneran to “discover she obtained expecting when she scissor siblings her sweetheart after she made love with her ex-husband. It would create itself. Except it didn’t.american gods gay character We couldn’t show lesbians kiss, a lot less imply they made love, much less scissor sis sex with seminal fluid.”

Richer utilized the term “hetwashed” to describe exactly how a character‘s gay identity on NBC’s Heroes (2006-2010) — a program he quickly dealt with as a producer– was gotten rid of, after the actor’s administration endangered to pull him from the collection. He kept in mind that the actor would late appear.

After being “warded off” by Hollywood numerous times, Richer determined to create what he called his “gayest” show, Pushing Sissies, one more series including a woman with a manly name, Chuck, that returns from the dead. “You really did not recognize exactly how gay Pushing Sissies was due to the fact that the gay was never ever sexualized. It was simply queer,” said Fuller, that attributed gay symbols like Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, and also Beth Grant for “saturating every fiber” with queerness. (Chenoweth presented Richer Thursday night and also presented him with the award.) Richer stated Pushing Sissies was “systemically gay, visually gay, yet not narratively gay.”

In NBC’s Hannibal (2013-2022), Fuller stated he was successful in homoeroticizing his protagonist, Hannibal Lecter, adjusted from the Thomas Harris novels. But he did not take care of to “homosexualize him.”

However finally, Richer had the ability to include gay personalities in American Gods, the acclaimed Starz collection adjusted from the Neil Gaiman book of the very same name. In the series, there is groundbreaking episode of television– a love scene between two Middle Eastern men: Salim (Omid Abtahi) and also the Jinn (Mousa Kraish). The latter is a genie, in keeping with the fantastic facility of the series. The pair make love in a moving as well as enthusiastic experience, which achieves an almost spiritual high quality, in part thanks to sensational CGI results of stars, space, as well as fire. Richer called it a tale “concerning a demigod giving a man approval to be himself.

” Telling Salim’s tale isn’t the gayest point I have actually ever done on television. It’s one of the most human. Of course there were boners and also rectal penetration and also flaming climaxing. But it had not been pornographic, it was art,” Richer proclaimed.

” It was our accomplishment as an innovative neighborhood, due to the fact that informing his tale, Saleem’s tale, consulted with no company barriers, no individual challenges, it was simply informed as vividly as we might inform it with overall assistance,” he ended. “Good for us. Since’s a queer achievement.”

American Gods’ Set To Include TV’s ‘Many Pornographic Gay Sex Scene’ Ever

The third episode of “American Gods” is triggering quite a stir, greater than a week before its May 14 debut.

Based Upon Neil Gaiman’s 2001 unique, the Starz series will feature what’s been described as “the most popular as well as most adult gay sex scene” ever before seen on mainstream tv.american gods gay character The scene will certainly happen between Salim (played by Omid Abtahi), a young Muslim male living in New york city, and also a cabby (Mousa Kraish) who is actually a jinn, or a spiritual carrier located in ancient Islamic and also Arabic mythology, in disguise.

Kraish talked about the “supernaturally hot” scene in an interview with Out publication. He claimed the scene will be a social landmark for Center Eastern LGBTQ depiction. “Now, more than ever, that tale is unbelievably powerful. The sex scene is so extreme and also intimate,” he stated. “I do not think anything like it has ever taken place on TV.”

The actor, that has appeared in “Superbad” and also “The Quick and the Furious,” committed to going fully nude for the scene and, thus, got to consider in on the last cut of the episode. ” I was like, ‘Incredible!'” he quipped. “I got penis authorization.”

At a press occasion for the program last month, “American Gods” exec producer and also co-creator Bryan Richer suggested that the scene blurred the line between sexual and spiritual ecstasy. It ” was not a little feat for 2 gay Muslim characters to have a lovely, sophistical, sex-related experience,” he told Showbiz 411, noting that he and also co-creator Michael Environment-friendly wished to show “what it resembles to take a god inside you.”

So far, television doubters appear to concur. New York Publication’s Abraham Riesman shared his thoughts on the scene on Twitter:

In a Vice meeting, Gaiman claimed he “never ever imagined” the specific scene would make it right into a television or movie adaptation of his publication. “But after that I’m enjoying it, as well as I appear to be viewing the best gay pornography I’ve ever watched,” he claimed. “My sampling of gay porn is essentially simply this, yet I’m enjoying it and also I can’t believe they’re doing it. You feel like boundaries are being pressed, which makes me very happy.”

Bryan Richer On American Gods‘ Innovative Gay Sex Scene

Bryan Fuller goes over the importance of American Gods‘ prolonged and passionate love scene between Salim and the Jinn.

While a whole lot went down for Shadow as well as Mr. Wednesday in the third episode of Starz’s American Gods, the one scene that makes sure to have tongues wagging is a graphic and cutting-edge sex scene between a mortal and also a deity. As well as this time around we’re not speaking about Bilquis and also her ravenous sexual cravings.

In adjusting Neil Gaiman’s rich fantasy book, co-creators Bryan Fuller as well as Michael Green have actually changed standalone phases into world-building vignettes. The “Coming to America” sections have actually worked as cold-open intros of personalities like a blood-thirsty Norse god as well as the African trickster Mr. Nancy. This week, midway via “Head Packed With Snow,” a “Someplace in America” vignette presented the story of Salim and the Jinn, which features a recently immigrated and stressed out sales person from Oman that experiences a life-changing experience with a taxi-driving ifrit (essentially, genie).

We ‘d quickly seen the Jinn (Mousa Kraish) in an earlier episode, his flaming eyes found by Darkness as the Center Eastern god walked away from a conversation with Mr.american gods gay character Wednesday. However in last night’s episode, the Jinn obtained far more screen time, attracting Salim (Omid Abtahi) in an extended and also passionate love scene.

When CBR talked with Richer in advance of the premiere, we asked him and also co-creator Michael Eco-friendly about this striking Jinn sequence, and also exactly how the discussion concerning its execution evolved.

” It really wasn’t much of a conversation,” Fuller stated. “When Michael and I initially took a seat, we made a decision that the Salim/Jinn story was something that was distinct and groundbreaking in its time, when we reviewed it. And also we wanted to give that story a beauty as well as hypnotic top quality that made it hard to overlook. We were adamant concerning that.”

Richer took place to describe just how individual experience informed this technique, stating, “As a gay man going to flicks– and whether it’s Overture to a Kiss and also Alec Baldwin is having a kiss with a gentleman– as well as hearing the audience cringe, as well as boo and hiss, or seeing The Shade Purple as well as the pointer of a lesbian romance, then listening to the audience cringe, as well as jeer, was so stunning as well as peculiar of a reaction to something that is so human and also stunning. So, it was important for us to make it without a doubt stunning and also surreal and wonderful and hypnotic, and cinematically represent a transportive sexual experience.”

Sharp readers may bear in mind the scene is a bit various in guide. Richer described the modifications, saying, “For Salim, a man whose sex life possibly included back-alley blowjobs since he grew up in the Middle East where homosexuality is culpable by fatality and also he could obtain tossed off of a rooftop, it felt like we had a chance to tell a deeper story. In the book, it’s another blowjob in a resort space. For us, we wanted this to be about making love, as well as providing Salim, a healthy and balanced sex-related experience that was various than anything he had experienced in the past. And that’s why he drops to his knees to blow the Jinn, as well as the Jinn raises him off of his knees and also kisses him tenderly. Because that’s not what Salim is used to. That’s not the life Salim had led. And so part of the wish fulfillment of the Jinn is to approve those that prayer him a new life of kinds.american gods gay character Which felt like it was a wonderful chance to address some issues that are occurring on the planet.” Then he added with a smile, “As well as likewise have a really crazy sex scene!”

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American Gods discovers gay sex: Bryan Richer, cast break down ‘beautiful’ scene

Satisfy your favored brand-new American Gods ‘ship: Salim (Omid Abtahi) and also The Jinn (Mousa Kraish)

Today, exec producer Bryan Fuller, Abtahi, and also Kraish come by EW’s American Gods: Inside the Episode– organized by EW’s Marc Snetiker and also Orlando Jones, that brings Mr. Nancy to life on the Starz dramatization– to discuss “Head Packed with Snow,” which features an intimate love scene in between Salim as well as The Jinn. According to the guests, that scene needed to be re-shot to make sure the details were ideal.

He proceeded: “Both times it felt great and then watching the final product, it’s so beautiful. Due to the fact that often when you shoot these scenes, you’re like, ‘I don’t know if this feels vulgar or not,’ however it’s so touching and so gorgeous, and also with the unique effects and also the music– I don’t recognize. My hat’s off to you [Fuller]”

Enjoy the entire video over to figure out how this partnership will develop as well as to hear Fuller utilize vivid language while explaining his issue with the initial hosting of the scene.

Mousa Kraish Age, Wiki, Married, Wife, Gay, Web Worth

Mousa Kraish is a fantastic American actor as well as director of Arabic heritage. In the middle of from his numerous duties in Hollywood movies and also television series, he is ideal recognized for his look in the 2005 historic dramatization motion picture “Munich” as Badran– Mohammed Safady and also in the dream dramatization television series “American Gods” as The Jinn. Furthermore, Kraish has actually additionally shown his excellence as an author and also director in the jobs such as “Just how To Make A Buck Expense in Brooklyn”, “A Brother’s Love”, and also “The Fourth Estate”.

American Gods features Muslim personalities in specific gay sex scene

television series American Gods has actually aired a specific sex scene in which a Muslim character has gay sex with a Jinn.

The brand-new TV show, which broadcasts on cord channel Starz in the US, is based upon Neil Gaiman’s 2001 dream novel American Gods.

The program’s 3rd episode, which broadcast last evening, introduces gay Muslim character Salim, played by Omid Abtahi.

In the episode, Salim– that has actually simply relocated to New york city City– strikes up a link with a mysterious cab driver played by Mousa Kraish, who is later on disclosed to be a mystical Jinn.

Both’s relationship is explored in some detail, with a sex scene in between both guys, defined by some doubters as one of the most specific to ever before air in a TV dramatization.

The scene is introducing in featuring two gay personalities of Center Eastern descent.

Adbahi and also Kraish took a seat with Enjoyment Weekly to go over filming the scene, alongside out showrunner Bryan Fuller.

” For me it was better, it made it a little easier having actually understood Mousa for ten years.

” Both times it really felt excellent and after that viewing the final product it’s so lovely.american gods gay character It’s so touching and also attractive, with the special effects and also the songs.”

Fuller said: “We desire it to be an authentic connection that the audience as well as the personalities are bought.

” We are so motivated by Mousa and also Omid that we just started spinning even more stories for them for period 2. If you’re inspired by stars you intend to make sure you remove more room for them and definitely, with these two, we desire everyone to root for Salim as well as the Jinn. “

Clarifying the reshoot, he stated: “As a gay male I was considering their settings and claiming, I believe my specific words were, unless Musa has a 12-inch candy walking stick cock that can f ** k around corners, his dick is not getting in his butt!”

He added: “It’s such a beautiful scene and it seems a pity to speak about the fundamentals of making it.”

Richer also exposed that an early cut of the scene featured some unintentional visual enhancement on behalf of the Jinn.

He claimed: “Our visual impacts person, for one reason or another, he got into his head that the penis need to be 11 inches long.

” Moving, it was giggle-inducing since it had a feeling of gravity to it! It went over.”

American Gods writer Neil Gaiman additionally opened regarding penning the original scene.

He told EW: “I think component of it might have originated from checking out the entire of One Thousand as well as One Nights … I believe it was the initial thing that I ‘d ever before check out where I went, you recognize, there’s a dreadful lot of this kind of homoeroticism in the Arabian Nights.

” It was this truly intriguing part of Arab culture that I had never considered, that I was finding out about. Which had type of stuck. And then, I desired a genie in American Gods … and, I think it’s going to be a gay relationship … as well as after that it simply sort of created itself.

” It probably wouldn’t have composed itself rather so sexily, had I not review great deals of Edmund White and also Armistead Maupin and also gone, ‘Okay, well, I can do that!’.”

The Transgressive Appeal of the Blazing-Hot ‘American Gods‘ Gay Sex Scene

If you were paying attention to the buzz on social media this week, the consensus on American Gods— Starz’s high-production-value adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed fantasy book– was something along the lines of: 1) no idea what’s taking place, 2) sure looks rather, however, 3) dang was that a hot gay sex scene in episode 3! Movie critics that had actually been fortunate sufficient to get advance screeners had been trumpeting episode 3’s sex scene with unabashedly horndog joy:

It’s a scene straight out of Gaiman’s novel, among the many interludes that occur far from the main story of Shadow Moon as well as Mr. Wednesday’s trek throughout the backroads of America. These scenes, set “Somewhere in America,” check in on the Old Gods and also how they live now in a New World that has almost forgotten them. Back in episode 1, we saw Bilquis, in a rather eye-popping sex scene of her very own, locating men to worship her in whatever way she can. At the beginning of last evening’s episode, also, we’re introduced to Mr.

american gods gay character

Jacquel, the personification of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, that turns up to bring in an old female to the opposite. These scenes have actually been some of the very best components of American Gods, partially since they do not require the untangling that the major plot does but are instead little vignettes that inform full, often outrageous, frequently gorgeous tales.

The smoking warm scene in question presents us to a jinn, a figure of Arabic/Islamic lore, stated to have actually been created from fire. The jinn is the beginning for the term genie, the anglicized term which, with the years, has actually sterilized as well as cartoonized the concept of the jinn, no longer a creature of fire however a wish-granting slave as well as occasional Robin Williams personality. In American Gods, we see the jinn look like a taxi driver, that picks up Salim, a young salesman from Oman who is locating America to be especially inhospitable. The jinn picks him up, wearing sunglasses at night and looking better in a coat than almost any person has ever looked. At one crossway, Salim touches the vehicle driver’s shoulder to prod him awake and beholds his eyes:

Remembering stories of the jinn from his grandma in the old nation, Salim makes the link. “Individuals recognize absolutely nothing of my people right here,” the jinn grouses. “They assume we approve wishes.” At the end of the taxicab flight, Salim invites the jinn as much as his area.

It is essential to note that gratitude for the sex scene that adheres to isn’t valueless for its prurience. Gay sex is still a huge taboo in America, and it has seldom if ever before been displayed in terms this, honestly, warm. Straight sex reaches be attractive in this society; gay sex gets to be surprising or demeaning or amusing or scandalous. American Gods delights in this specific sex scene for 2 factors: to show the responsive way that the old gods can still inspire commitment amongst those who can remember them, and also for the totally sensual minute it develops on screen.

It ought to additionally not be lost on anybody that this is a full-on gay sex scene between not only two Muslim men in America, yet a Muslim guy and the personification of a mythological figure of ancient Islam. In this day as well as age, where the American facility increasingly more needs disavowal of American Muslims from their confidence, as well as where Islamic therapy of homosexuals is both globally terrifying while at the very same time made use of as a political cudgel by American political leaders that have no interest in the improvement of Muslims or gays, a scene similar to this, which links sex-related as well as spiritual ecstasy to the factor where, as Gaiman composed in his unique,” [Salim] can not keep in mind where the sex stopped as well as the desires began,” is meaningful on quite a few levels.

And also except nothing, however anybody who’s ever made love with the personification of an ancient jinn as well as had them ejaculate literal fire into them will attest, this scene basically accomplishes.

Followers furious as Starz’s American Gods cuts yet another personality– the fiery gay devil, Ifrit

Star Mousa Kraish played the mythical djinn in American Gods (HBO/Starz/YouTube)

Fans of Starz’s American Gods are in uproar after showrunners made the decision to cut a key story– that of the fiery devil, Ifrit, an LGBT personality of colour.

The show had been praised for its enthusiastic representation of the romance in between Ifrit as well as Salim, a young Muslim immigrant. American Gods writer Neil Gaiman described his response to the romance as “outright awe and absolute delight.”

Unfortunately the show has actually been dogged by behind the curtain drama when the ambitious first season reviewed budget as well as problems developed between the studio and also network. Numerous showrunners were reportedly terminated and numerous stars left the task, including A-list stars Kristen Chenoweth and Gillian Anderson.

It appears star Mousa Kraish is the most recent casualty of the show’s cuts after he verified to his followers on Twitter that he would not be going back to the American fantasy drama in the upcoming third season.

” I can confirm that I wasn’t asked to come back this period.american gods gay character It has been an honour to play the Jinn and also live in his fiery-eyed skin,” he composed.

” This personality has actually introduced me to a lot and I was happy to represent not simply the Center Eastern community in such a positive function you don’t generally see television however additionally the LGBTQ community that sustained this character of colour that you do not see on television.”

I additionally want say thanks to @starz as well as the amazing group there. u2764 The door isn’t closed for me. If I’m ever before asked to come back and also depict the Jinn I will certainly do it happily and also happily to be able to stand in front of my pal @AbtahiOmid and shine with both characters that go beyond the web page …

The information came quickly after actor Orlando Jones, that played the West African charlatan god Mr Nancy, introduced that he too had been axed from the program.

Mr Nancy’s tale discuss themes of enslavement and institutional bigotry in the US. Orlando asserted he was informed by manufacturers that his personality sent out “the incorrect message for black America”.

Orlando rejected to stay quiet, posting a video on Saturday that explained his ideas on being terminated from the show. “I will inform the whole fact and also just the truth,” he introduced.

” All I can say is what I was told. And also all l what I was informed was, ‘mad obtains sh * t done’ is the incorrect message for black America, which the new showrunner [Charles Eglee, a white male] creates from a black male point of view.”

Followers lamented the loss of the show’s variety after Kraish’s depressing news, which adhered to so right after Jones’.

You are charm, dignity, as well as grace. Your personification of Jinn was enthusiasm, brilliance, as well as heart. #ChicEglee is clearly outrageous as well as @americangodsus will certainly endure as they battle to just inform the story of het-cis white men.I am broken hearted and also ashamed.

Fans lamented the loss of the show’s variety after Kraish’s unfortunate news, which complied with so right after Jones’.

Oh no! Not you also! You were an amazing Jinn! The representation of the relationship between Jinn and Salim was merely exceptional. So sad to not to see you on this period’s show. However, I understand you will have great points coming– so looking forward to seeing!!?

It REALLY strikes that American Gods lost not one, yet two leading characters of shade (one of whom became part of one of the only healthy depictions of a gay Muslim relationship on TV) in the very same week.

I am sad to hear this. You were such a champ of this program as well as such a solid as well as remarkable part of it, and also a huge depiction for the LGBT community. Thank you. u2764

American Gods Employers Damage Down That Extreme Gay Sex Scene (and also All Those Penises)

American Godshas been making waves considering that it debuted on Starz last month.american gods gay character An adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 unique concerning a brewing battle in between gods of old as well as gods of new, the collection was brought to life making use of striking, vibrant visuals and a manuscript that adheres closely to its incredibly in-depth resource material. The result is a gorgeous piece of art work, and it feels like there goes to least one scene every week that leaves fans’ jaws on the flooring.

In its 3rd episode, Sunday’s “Head Filled with Snow,” that scene was one that included graphic sex in between two Muslim males, a Jinn (Mousa Kraish) and a young man called Salim (Omid Abtahi). The scene may be one of the most sensual sex scene in between two males ever before seen on cable– which’s consisting of HBO’s Looking, which set the bar rather high during its two-season run. Like most whatever else in American Gods, the scene was raised straight from the pages of Gaiman’s novel, and according to executive manufacturer Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), it was likewise one of the scenes he as well as executive producer Michael Environment-friendly (Logan) were most thrilled concerning bringing to life onscreen due to the beautiful and effective metaphors discovered within it.

” When Michael and I initially sat down to talk about things in guide that we were most devoted to bringing to life as cinematically as possible, principal amongst them was the Salim-Jinn romance,” Fuller informs “As well as it’s so well-told. It’s such a superb metaphor for a guy that can not be seen waiting to be seen and afterwards lastly, for the very first time, experiencing what it is to be seen by another male.”

After a mid-day invested waiting on a visit that never occurs, a disenchanted Salim fulfills the exhausted Jinn, that came to America years prior and now, like several immigrants, earns a living driving a taxicab. While stuck in website traffic, both males create a bond, which ultimately evolves right into a link that extends to the physical, at the very least for one night.

” [It] was a possibility for us to test the target market to not look away from the elegance of this experience for Salim,” says Richer of the virtually four-minute scene. “We wanted to make it attractive. We wanted to make it hypnotic. We wanted to produce a sex-positive experience, not just for Salim but also for all the males like Salim who have a damaged feeling of sexuality for whatever factor and also can not absolutely be their sex-related selves.”

Richer as well as Environment-friendly naturally really felt a commitment to obtain the scene just right– not simply for fans of Gaiman’s novel, however, for men (or females) who might see themselves in the character of Salim.

” We understand there was an incredible amount of obligation for this scene as well as what it might suggest for people like Salim that are unfortunately many worldwide, whether they are Middle Eastern or black or Eastern or white, that can’t pertain to terms with their sexuality as a result of some kind of oppression,” states Fuller. “We’re favoring Salim to have a happy ending.”

Includes Environment-friendly: “There was no program on our part apart from to accept sex-positivity and also … to ensure that it was so magnificently functioned that nobody had a right to whine. Since they don’t.”

Viewers might be a little stunned to see that the series genuinely holds nothing back, specifically when it involves male full-frontal nudity. The Salim-Jinn romance in “Head Packed With Snow” marks the 3rd appearance of a penis on American Gods, that makes it the 3rd Starz collection, after Outlander as well as Power, to go where so couple of shows want to go. The choice, according to Green, wasn’t for shock value but instead an effort at equality as well as representation, as well as Starz was completely on board from the get go.

” The network, they simply stated to us, ‘Hey, if you’re mosting likely to be doing any nakedness, we seem like it needs to be equivalent male-to-female,’ which was our intent going into it anyway,” claims Eco-friendly. “For us, depiction was necessary. …american gods gay character We wanted to make sure that any sexuality shown in our show was necessary to its storytelling, suggesting that it had a developing impact to personality or plot. That was mosting likely to go whether it was male or women.”

Nevertheless, there was at least one problem that occurred that might have raised a couple of eyebrows.

” I assume they just provided us one care, which was that we needed to skillfully take into consideration the intensity of an erection if a man was strolling towards the sex partner, be it male or female, because that is where sometimes people like to define the distinction in between art or porn,” describes Green. “When we reached showing male nudity, like anything else we were doing, whether it was male or female nudity, we would share it with [Starz] and discuss it with them and if they had any type of issues or problems, we would discuss it. However they really did not, truly. So it was remarkably matured.”

American Gods broadcasts most visuals gay sex scene ever

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American Gods‘: Por quu00e9 la escena de sexo gay explu00edcito age tan importante para el creador, Bryan Fuller

‘ American Gods‘ ya lleva tres episodios emitidos, como quien no quiere la cosa, y ha sido renovada por una segunda temporada. La que se presentaba como una de las series del au00f1o y digna sucesora de la fiebre que rodea a ‘Juego de Tronos’ estu00e1 disponible en Prime Video Espau00f1a, y cada semana genera una nueva conversaciu00f3n. Pero es lo que tiene estar basada en uno de los libros mu00e1s queridos de Neil Gaiman y adaptada por la mente que creu00f3 ‘Hannibal’, Bryan Fuller.

En el tercer episodio de la primera temporada, la serie adapta dos de los mejores fragmentos de la novela original: el disimulado “atraco” al banco por parte de Wednesday y Darkness, y la preciosa historia eru00f3tica entre un inmigrante del Oriente Medio en Nueva York y un viejo dios u00e1rabe que pasa sus du00edas presentes como taxista.

La escena estu00e1 levantando revuelo en las redes sociales por ser tremendamente explu00edcita, pero Fuller ha explicado a The Hollywood Press reporter por quu00e9 period tan importante para u00e9l tener este momento en la serie. Lo cierto es que Fuller queru00eda mostrar de forma positiva una escena sex-related entre dos hombres, ademu00e1s trick el origen concreto de Salim y el Djinn, los protagonistas de la historia, que vienen de pau00edses “donde la homosexualidad es castigada con la muerte y pueden arrojarte desde un tejado”, asegura.

” Lo que queru00edamos conseguir period que un pu00fablico que podru00eda no estar acostumbrado a ver a dos hombres teniendo sexo, que lo viera como algo bonito”, continu00faa Fuller. De hecho, por eso cambiaron el momento con respecto al material original: en la novela, Salim solo le hacu00eda una felaciu00f3n al Djinn, mientras que en la serie este besa al temporal, le abraza y le penetra. “Queru00edamos mostrarle a un niu00f1o gay del Oriente Medio que pueda llegar a esta serie que hay gente ahu00ed afuera que no piensa que es una abominaciu00f3n”.

Lo gracioso del asunto es que la escena fue rodada por tres hombres heterosexuales: David Slade, el supervisor, y los actores Omid Abtahi y Mousa Kraish. Y al parecer no tenu00edan ni idea de cu00f3mo funciona el sexo entre dos hombres. Cuando Richer recibiu00f3 las tomas que habu00edan grabado, su respuesta fue la siguiente: “Vale, a menos que u00e9l tenga una polla de 30 centu00edmetros y con forma de bastu00f3n de caramelo, y puede follar desde las esquinas, su pene no estu00e1 entrando dentro del otro. Asu00ed que tenu00e9is que volver ahu00ed y ver du00f3nde estu00e1n los agujeros”.

Los dos actores, que se conocu00edan desde hace una du00e9cada por coincidir en las audiciones y algunos trabajos, tuvieron que resolver sus nervios, meter de nuevo sus partes privadas en unas pequeu00f1as bolsas (los penes que se ven en la escena kid digitales) y volver “al ruedo”. Y al final consiguieron rodar la que es ya la escena homosexual mu00e1s explu00edcita y eru00f3tica de la televisiu00f3n estadounidense.

Por cierto, segu00fan aseguran a Marauder, a diferencia de la novela, estos personajes volveru00e1n a aparecer a lo largo de la temporada en otros momentos.

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